11+ Tuition

The iAchieve 11+ Tuition Programme is an effective and rigorous programme developed to prepare students for the 11+ selective examinations.  We welcome students with the drive to ‘give it a go’ and will deliver a programme that maximises their chance of success. Participation in the iAchieve 11+ Programme is not only a great foundation for success in selective examinations but is also an effective preparation for SATs and transition to Secondary School.

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Areas of Study

Your child will follow their own, individual learning plan based on their personal, identified targets for development. This can include extending their core skills in maths and English, with a focus on verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, writing composition, reading comprehension, punctuation, spelling and grammar. Group size will never exceed 6. Regular, age appropriate 11+ Assessments will provide on-going targets to inform the work planned for your child. In Year 5 we strongly recommend that students study for 2 hours a week. This enables Session One to focus on exam preparation using conventional, paper-based practice papers whilst Session Two will continue to focus on the delivery of specific tutoring in the areas identified for development and extension.

Mock Exam Days

iAchieve 11+ Mock Examination Days are offered, as an optional bolt-on, on a monthly basis throughout the Summer Term. We recommend that students sit at least one of these. iAchieve Mock Exam Days provide a great opportunity for your child to work under test conditions in a new and unfamiliar environment.  This helps reduce ‘exam day nerves’ and will give you valuable feedback on your child’s progress.


You can secure your child’s place at an iAchieve 11+ Tuition Centre by clicking on your preferred location below. If the Tuition Centre of your choice is fully booked, please select an alternative or add your child’s name to the online waiting list.

If you wish to hear more about the iAchieve 11+ Tuition Programme please call Learning Academies on 0845 463 1342 or email info@learningacademies.co.uk

11 + Tuition

  • A first rate programme of tuition, designed to ensure effective and thorough preparation for the 11+.
  • A challenging, individual, programme of study created to meet YOUR child's specific areas of development.
  • 11+ core skills tuition combined with exam preparation classes.
  • Highly qualified and experienced tutors with a particular expertise in 11+ tuition.
  • Opportunities for Mock Examinations in timed conditions as well as ongoing assessments.
  • Traditional 11+ coaching enhanced by cutting edge online 11+ tools developed by leaders in this field.
  • Support throughout your child's 11+ journey, ensuring all key dates and milestones are met.
  • Competitively priced tutoring from a company that will deliver exceptional customer service.

iAchieve 11+ Tuition - Challenging and Effective

Thank you for helping me pass my 11+ and for making me challenge myself! I can't wait to start at the Grammar in September but I am dreading all the homework! I hope I will do well and remember everything you taught me.
I don't like to get things wrong and I don't like asking for help. Although I am in top sets at the school I didn't used to answer the questions I might have got wrong. I have learned that it's always better to try and even if you get something wrong you get it right next time. iAchieve is actually...
We were delighted when Josh secured a place at the Grammar. Your 11+ programme was challenging and just what he need to ensure he secured his place.