Learning Academies was originally set up by husband and wife team Matthew and Sacha Brakenbury who were determined to create an effective and holistic extra tuition programme that was child focused, results driven and current. Something very different to the more familiar offer of worksheets and outdated teaching methods that they had begun to experience with their own sons.

‘When we attempted to access extra tuition for our own sons, we were less than inspired. We found ‘systems’ and mountains of worksheets that left us uninspired and disillusioned…Many of those offering the tuition had left the education system such a long time ago and were teaching with methods no longer used in school. Some were using students as teachers and, almost without exception, they were incredibly expensive.’

‘A fresh and innovative approach to Extra Tuition.’

As Headteachers with significant experience in both primary and secondary education, Matthew and Sacha recognised a clear need for a fresh and innovative approach to extra tuition. As parents to three young sons they knew, intuitively that, to achieve maximum impact their programme of extra tuition must be based on the individual, not on a conceived, one shape fits all system. Critically, as current educationalists, they recognised the need for extra tuition NOT to work in isolation – but, wherever possible, to engage with each child’s class teacher to ensure that school targets are fully integrated in each child’s plan – the result being that the impact of the tuition is very quickly seen back in school as well as by the child and parents themselves. The iAchieve Extra Tuition programme makes excellent use of modern technologies such as iPads and Kindles, using these not instead of tutoring, but rather to enhance each child’s programme of learning. Learning Academies has established exciting relationships with some of the countries leading online education providers and recognises the relevance of utilising these to maximise success.

The iAchieve Programme gets great results, raises attainment and, at the same time, builds confidence and resilience in its students.

This resilience and focus on the development of a positive mindset is critical.

 “Our students develop a strong sense of emotional academic resilience. In order to achieve in school, secure exam success and fulfil their potential, children need to be prepared to take risks with their learning, challenge themselves and not be afraid to make mistakes. The iAchieve Programme helps them to do that.”

You will find a programme that, whilst focused and results driven, recognises and celebrates the achievements of its students. Certificates of Achievement, Positive Postcards Home and Attendance Medals help recognise the significant work undertaken by its students.

To find out more, why not call Learning Academies on 0845 463 1342 or email info@learningacademies.co.uk.


From our Directors...

We set ourselves two key missions;

  • To make a significant and positive difference, in each student’s education, facilitating success and helping each child achieve the best results they can.
  • To deliver a customer experience that exceeds expectations, at all points of the iAchieve journey.

Our Tutor Team is central to achieving this. We hand pick our tutors for not just for their professional expertise and experience but, critically, for their ability to motivate and inspire. We are incredibly proud of our tutors and of the results they achieve through the iAchieve programme.”

Matthew Brakenbury, Education Director.

Extra Tuition that is relevant and challenging

The iAchieve Extra Tuition Programme makes a real difference. It works. Whilst traditional tutoring is at the ‘core’ of what we do, it is so incredibly refreshing to be embracing new technologies and using these to support this. Concepts that used to take children hours, if not days to grasp, can be brought to life in a way that enables ‘light bulb moments’ to fire!