Associate Schools Programme

Learning Academies is proud to be working in partnership with a wide number of forward thinking, ambitious schools.

Schools are awarded Associate School Status through their partnership on either the iAchieve Extra Tuition or iAspire Programme. This can be through simply hosting an iAchieve Extra Tuition Centre in one of your classrooms after school or through purchasing student passes on one or both programmes.

What is the iAchieve Extra Tuition Programme?

The iAchieve Extra Tuition Programme offers highly effective tutoring in maths and English. With a proven track record of significantly raising attainment, iAchieve Extra Tuition Centres are set up within schools, enabling schools and parents to fund placements. Schools are able to purchased iAchieve Annual Passes and these are  awarded, by the school, to specific students –  each of whom will study on the iAchieve Programme for between one and three terms. Students work with our highly experienced tutors in a maximum group size of 6 – each working on their own individual programme of learning. Uniquely, our ongoing, rigorous assessments are enhanced by input from the class teacher – with schools being actively encouraged to share targets and areas of challenge. Where school, home and tutoring link, with the child at the centre, we progress is significantly accelerated. The iAchieve Extra Tuition Programme can take place in the school day (with the secondary benefit of reducing class sizes for those not currently on the programme) and/or after school. After school sessions are also open to fee paying students wishing to access private tuition, funded by their parents.  This is a great advantage to the school – as we are able to integrate the targets identified by their class teacher and raise attainment at no cost to the school.

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What is the iAspire Programme?

The iAspire Programme is a bespoke 1:1 tuition programme that works with individual students who are at risk of exclusion, have been excluded or who are unable to access their education due to physical or mental health challenges. iAspire matches vulnerable children and young people (between the age of 5-16 years) to a highly experienced tutor and an individual programme of learning is put in place to raise attainment achieve the personal goals set – whether these are social or academic.  We are able to support students at KS1 through to GCSE success.

Tuition on the iAspire Programme can take place in the home,  in a neutral venue, in hospitals or within the child’s school.

In the majority of cases iAspire is seen as a bridge back towards accessing mainstream provision with tutors working hard to minimise or remove the obstacles to success.

How can my school get involved?

We are flexible in our approach and would welcome the opportunity to discuss ways in which we could support your school. We are able to open an iAchieve Extra Tuition Centre at your school at no cost to your school, or you may wish us to simply work with specific, at risk, young people. It is entirely your choice. Please visit the iAchieve or iAspire tab at the top of this page or contact our Education Director to discuss your needs. or call 0845 463 1342.

The Benefits For Schools

  • Accessible and Consistent Extra Tuition - on site

    Having an iAchieve Extra Tuition Centre at your school means a good number of your students will be able to access high quality extra tuition that, critically, works consistently with the aims and ambitions of your school.
  • Enhanced Attainment and Increased Confidence

    Students accessing iAchieve make accelerated progress in maths and/or English. Confidence and resilience are consistently enhanced. The school can rest assured that we will integrate identified school targets with tuition areas identified by our own, ongoing assessments.
  • Access to School Funded iAchieve Annual Pass Placements

    Associate Schools can purchase iAchieve Annual Passes to award to children of their choice either on either an annual or termly basis. A great way to offer a focused intervention aimed at raising attainment.
  • Opportunity for Staff Professional Development

    We are always more than happy to offer CPD opportunities for school staff. All iAchieve Centres are staffed by highly qualified and experienced tutors and, in particular, our effective use of digital technology is often of real interest to our partner schools.
  • Access to detailed Impact Reports

    iAchieve is outcome driven. Our assessments enable progress to be accurately measured. Increased attainment will be seen not just at iAchieve but, critically back in school. Our Impact Reports enable schools to measure the impact of their investment.
  • Access to School Graduations and Celebration Days

    At Learning Academies we love to celebrate success! All students on the iAchieve Programme (whether they are parent or school funded) work to achieve their own personal, challenging goals. Success is celebrated with trophies, attendance medals, certificates, positive postcards home and whole school graduations.

What Others Say...

Benedict Ashmore-Short, Headteacher

iAchieve has had a massive impact in our school and has enabled some of our most hard to reach students to make great academic progress. For me, the secret to success has not just been the academic achievements but in the development of their social skills, confidence and resilience.

L. Kowalski, Parent

iAchieve has helped my son to show his abilities in school. His English was not good but now he is confident to try. He was very shy and he did not join in. HIs maths is above average and now he makes progress in English and feels happy in school.

S. Hakim, Parent

Alexander is loving his iAchieve sessions with Learning Academies on Friday at Friar's Grove. The tutors are lovely and really know how to look after him: they are always so positive and encouraging which is what he needs, so a big thank you to them. As a result it is one of his favourite moments during the week!

Opportunities for Teachers
Learning Academies share our ambition to raise attainment across the school. We identify students in specific need of support and award them a place on the iAchieve Programme. Almost without exception they grasp this opportunity and work hard to focus on the areas that they find most challenging. In such small groups it is possible to work at an entirely individual level. We have seen great progress and an increased sense of self confidence. I can highly recommend a partnership with Learning Academies. - Lizzie Girling, Headteacher