iAspire (1:1 Tuition)

What is the iAspire Programme?

The iAspire Extra Tuition Programme is a highly personalised education intervention programme for 4-16 year olds, developed to support some of our most vulnerable students. iAspire works to ensure access to a high quality education for those who, for whatever reason, find it challenging to learn in a mainstream school. The iAspire 1:1 Tuition Programme is child and young person centred and can be delivered as an alternative to school or on a supplementary basis.

We were at a dead end and had almost lost hope for N. She was unable to attend school, unable to get a bus and was a virtually a prisoner in our own home. The visits from her tutor became a highlight of her week and, as the weeks progressed, she found her old spark. She started to smile and even started learning a new language. iAspire was a lifesaver. From there N moved to work in one of their iAchieve Centres. The do things differently. And it works.

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Students on the programme come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are struggling to conform to the routines of school, others have been excluded from school and now find themselves ‘between placements’.  Others are anxious school refusers whilst others have ‘burnt bridges’ and now find themselves at a crossroads. Some have missed significant time in school due to physical or mental ill health. iAspire is a highly effective intervention programme based on mutual respect. Students are carefully matched to highly experienced tutors who will strive to ‘start afresh.’  Tuition is offered in maths, English, science and Modern Foreign Languages. Other subjects dependent on tutor specialisms.  By working in a highly supportive, mentored role students are able to raise attainment and work towards securing their target qualifications e.g. GCSEs. Critically, iAspire aims to meet the social and emotional needs of students, placing their emotional health and wellbeing at the very centre of their intervention.

Where is the iAspire Programme Delivered?

The iAspire Programme can be delivered in the home, at a neutral venue or within school. Wherever possible, the programme should be seen as a pathway programme back to ‘mainstream provision.’ That said, we recognise that, for some YP, this may not be possible and, when this is the case, we aim to be a positive force in the young person’s education.

How Much Does it Cost?

iAspire hourly cost £48+VAT. (minimum of two consecutive hours per week).
Venue Hire: Where required this is charged at cost (although tuition can normally be arranged in a local library at no cost).

How can I make a referral and what is the process?

Simply follow the link below to complete the confidential and secure iAspire Referral Form. Once received, your referral will be acknowledged and reviewed by our education team. If we feel there is potential to support your student we will make contact to arrange an Assessment Meeting.
The Assessment Meeting provides our Education Director with the opportunity to discuss the needs of your student in more detail. It is essential that the student involved is prepared to join this meeting as, by meeting with them, we are able to best understand the obstacles and challenges they currently face with a view to minimising these going forward. It is recommended that iAspire Assessment Meetings involve the student, a parent/carer and a key worker from the referring body. We can meet collectively or individually if that is more appropriate.

 What happens after the Assessment Meeting?

At the end of the meeting our Education Director will be in a position to provide you with a brief Assessment Report which will outline the key observations made and whether we are able to help with a suggested iAchieve plan going forward. This report will be with you within 48 hours of the meeting. These reports are particularly helpful for those referring as they evidence your efforts for the young person concerned and provide an external, profession review of the meeting.
It should be noted that, whilst our tutors are highly experienced at working on a 1:1 basis, it may be in exceptional circumstances that we are unable to offer a suitable programme if we feel the young person is completely unwilling to engage and/or the safeguarding of a student or tutor would be compromised.
Where appropriate, your Assessment Report will include our proposed iAspire offer. We are always willing to be flexible and will do all we can to find a positive and effective way forward to support the young people referred to iAspire.

Can I call you to find out more?

Please feel free to give us a call if you wish to discuss this further. Alternatively,  please find a link to the iAspire Referral Form. Thank you.

iAspire Referral Form