Maths & English

The iAchieve Maths & English Extra Tuition Programme delivers high quality, private tutoring in maths and English.

A Proven Track Record


ALL ONLINE TUITION GROUPS (where students work F2F with tutors) REMAIN OPEN.



We work with students from 4-16 years and plan INDIVIDUALLY for each child. Students are grouped by their age, area of study and ability – but all work on their own personal programme developed to achieve their specific targets. Group sizes never exceed 6. iAchieve Extra Tuition in maths and English follows the national curriculum whilst our GCSE programme is tailored to the individual exam boards of each student.

Students join the iAchieve Extra Tuition Programme for a number of reasons. Some may have fallen behind in maths, English or both and just need that extra bit of help to ‘close the gap’, build confidence and raise their self-esteem.  Others are high achievers who want to be extended in their chosen area of study, perhaps with a view to moving on to our specific iAchieve 11+ Tuition Programme. Whatever your child’s reason for joining, you can be assured of a warm welcome from our exceptional tutors. They will inspire, engage and challenge your child every step of the way!

The iAchieve Extra Tuition Programme is highly effective and has a proven track record of raising attainment. You can select your child’s area of focus at the time of booking and this can be changed at any time.

iAchieve will bring your child a range of benefits which you’ll see listed in the section below.


You can secure your child’s place at an iAchieve Maths & English Tuition Centre by clicking on your preferred location below. If the Tuition Centre of your choice is fully booked, please select an alternative or add your child’s name to the online waiting list.

If you wish to hear more about the iAchieve Extra Tuition Programme please call Learning Academies on 0845 463 1342 or email

Maths & English Key Stage 1,2,3 & GCSE

  • High quality extra tuition in maths and/or English designed to raise attainment and build confidence.
  • A personalised programme of study that will be developed to meet your child's individual needs.
  • Access to a first rate, experienced and qualified tutor who will support, challenge and inspire your child.
  • Access to a programme of traditional tutoring, enhanced by access to cutting edge education programmes using tablet technology.
  • Ongoing assessments that will inform our planning and enable you to track of your child's progress.
  • Excellent links with local schools that enable your child's mainstream targets to be combined with our own identified areas for development.
  • A highly motivational programme with certificates and medals awarded at no additional cost.
  • Honest, open communication all year round, with the offer of a specific Termly Telephone Conversation, as well as an annual Face to Face Progress Meeting.
  • Competitively priced tutoring from a company that will deliver exceptional customer service.

iAchieve - Raising Attainment and Aspirations in Children and Young People

Thank you so much for the support you have given Sam with his maths and English. Finding the iAchieve Programme has been a life-saver for us! I just wish we'd found you sooner.
I was very nervous about going to iAchieve and didn't want to join but I truthfully am pleased I did. I bring my work to Learning Academies if I don't understand something at school and that helps me a lot.
I don't like to get things wrong and I don't like asking for help. Although I am in top sets at the school I didn't used to answer the questions I might have got wrong. I have learned that it's always better to try and even if you get something wrong you get it right next time. iAchieve is actually...
iAchieve has made such a difference to Isabelle's reading! She has moved up to the middle set and her comprehension is much improved. Thank you for your patience and encouragement.