Learning Resource Drops

Learning Resource Drops

Learning Resource Drops are high quality learning opportunities, delivered electronically.

These have proven to be incredibly helpful where pupils have been unable to attend tuition e.g., due to school trips, ill health or where it hasn’t been practical to arrange outstanding tuition hours within the school day.

Tutors use their full tuition time to create high quality learning materials, closely linked to the targets being addressed.  LRDs often include the following

A personalised letter from the tutor (which often encourages the student to ‘write back’ and communicate their completion of the LRD).

A short video clip introducing the activity and outlining any key learning points.

A number of challenge sheets/activities – linked to class teacher targets.

Links to supporting videos/digital resources

Links to further, optional activities that they student may wish to follow up on.

All Learning Resource Drops include a ‘return to’ address so that the tutor can mark and feedback to the student.  Many tutors make excellent use of Google Documents which automatically enable the students’ work to be saved to a unique file that is directly accessible by the tutor.  The ‘return to’ might simply be a ‘bring to the next session’ instruction or you can use the generic office email of info@learningacademies.co.uk.