At Learning Academies our aim is to exceed your expectations. We value the feedback of our customers and always strive to deliver a top class service.

It’s great to get your comments and suggestions. So, whether you are a student, parent, carer or school we’d love to hear from you!

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We Love Getting Your Feedback!

I used to think I couldn't do maths, now I know I can! iAchieve has helped me a lot and now I even help my friends at school when we do maths! - James P.
Thank you so much for the support you have given Sam with his maths and English. Finding the iAchieve Programme has been a life-saver for us! I just wish we'd found you sooner. I now feel that Sam will start secondary school with confidence. - Mrs. Palmer, Parent
You are the third tutoring company that we have tried for Mohammed and finally we feel he is where he should be! We have been so impressed! I can't speak highly enough of his tutor and the way she has helped my son. Your tuition is half the price that we paid for our other children and twice as good! - Mrs. Abid, Parent
Thank you for helping me pass my 11+ and for making me challenge myself! I can't wait to start at the Grammar in September but I am dreading all the homework! I hope I will do well and remember everything you taught me. - George F, Student
I was very nervous about going to iAchieve and didn't want to join but I truthfully am pleased I did. I bring my work to Learning Academies if I don't understand something at school and that helps me a lot. - Katie-May J, Student
I don't like to get things wrong and I don't like asking for help. Although I am in top sets at the school I didn't used to answer the questions I might have got wrong. I have learned that it's always better to try and even if you get something wrong you get it right next time. iAchieve is actually ok even though it's more work. I've been here for 2 years now and I hope I keep coming. - Dylan J.P. Student
iAchieve has made such a difference to Isabelle's reading! She has moved up to the middle set and her comprehension is much improved. Thank you for your patience and encouragement. - Mrs Meadows
We were delighted when Josh secured a place at the Grammar. Your 11+ programme was challenging and just what he needed to ensure he secured his place. - RF, Parent
It is my ambition to see Learning Academies become a national leader in providing high quality, innovative extra-curricular tuition. Learning should be fun, engaging and relevant. If we help our young people to lay the correct foundations they will continue that love of learning for life. - Sacha Brakenbury, Managing Director, Learning Academies.
I am delighted to now be working FT for Learning Academies in the role of Education Director. The use of new technologies is a really effective way of engaging ALL students and increasing the effectiveness of our tutoring. It maximises the time that we, as tutors, can spending doing what we do best - teaching! Every child has the right to access a personalised, inspiring and relevant curriculum and I know that Learning Academies strives to achieve that vision. I am keen to ensure that the programmes we run do not sit in isolation but instead work in close partnership with our families and schools. It is only by working together that extra tuition achieves the best results. - Matthew Brakenbury, Education Director, Learning Academies.