Tutor Online Protocols

Learning Academies Online Tuition – Tutor Protocols and Consent.

Keeping you and your tutee(s) safe is incredibly important to us. In addition to our usual Safeguarding Policy, we have produced this Guidance Document to support our tutors in the safe provision of Online Tutoring. It is a requirement that all tutors wishing to provide online tuition for Learning Academies are able to comply fully with the requirements below. Your confirmation of this by the signing and return of this document is very much appreciated.

If you are unsure about any of these points please call us on 01206 252152 or email info@learningacademies.co.uk. Thank you.

Tutor must;

  • Arrive in their online class at least a five minutes before the scheduled session start time so they are ready to welcome students as soon as the session begins. All Virtual Tuition rooms have a secure ‘waiting room’ enabled where students will ‘sit’ until the tutor allows them to ‘enter the class’.
  • Only communicate with tutees during session times. If a student needs to be contacted at any other time, this should be enabled via Head Office. The only exception to this is the upload or download of documents on the secured shared Google Drive. Tutor mobile numbers should not be shared with a student, except in exceptional circumstances, formally agreed, in writing, by Head Office.
  • Report any unexpected absence to Head Office if a student hasn’t arrived within 5 minutes of their tuition start time. Tutors should stay ‘in situ’ for the full session length if no absence has been officially recorded. (In case of late arrivals). Attendance must be recorded on the relevant register. Tutors must follow the agreed ‘no show’ protocols fully – e.g., contacting the parent/carer within 5 minutes.
  • Record the tuition session for the purpose of safeguarding. Sessions must be stored securely by Learning Academies for a maximum of one month, at which point they are deleted. These files will only be accessed if a safeguarding concern is shared.
  • Ensure that a responsible adult remains in close proximity to the student during tuition sessions. Close proximity is defined as being within the same building and within calling distance of the student. If an adult is not available at the student’s home, the lesson will not be able to go ahead and the tutor must notify Head Office. The adult supervising in the home should confirm their presence at the start and end of each session.
  • Conduct a ‘Pre-Tuition Safety Check’ of the Tutor Room in the same way you would a ‘traditional’ tutor room. The room used by the student and the tutor should be suitable and ideally within a shared family space. Tuition should not take place in bedrooms, unless this is the only quiet/suitable space for the session to be held.  Ideally, tuition should take place in a room that has windows, ensuring that curtains (and doors) are open so that other people can see in.
  • Private or confidential documents/images (e.g., bank statements) should not be in view. Tutors should advise the student and/or their parent if this is not the case.
  • Oversee, as far as is possible, the suitability of the hardware the tutee is using to access online tuition, ensuring that students are requested to open only the Virtual Tuition room during sessions.
  • Ensure that they (the tutors), the students, and other members of the household, are all appropriately clothed, staying mindful that other students may be accessing the session. Any breaches of this must be shared with Head Office.
  • Ensure that the usual Student and Tutor Codes of Conduct apply, in just the same way they would during Face-to-Face tuition. Mobile phones should not be used by the student during sessions unless by prior agreement of the Tutor for reasons such as App Access.
  • Allow a member of the Learning Academies Senior Leadership team, to ‘drop in’ to sessions, from time to time, as part of the company’s ongoing safeguarding and quality assurance process. They will aim to be as unobtrusive as possible and keep their audio and video feed muted. 
  • Ensure that the student/family contact details are to hand. If a tutor experiences internet outage they should call or email the parent to explain and try again in a few minutes.
  • Always have a ‘Plan B’. Assignments, worksheets, activities, etc that can be emailed to the family IF the session is unable to happen due to connectivity issues. High quality Learning Resource Drop can be enhanced for ‘Live Video Feeds’ from the tutor. Such video feeds can be embedded into a Word document.
  • Notify Learning Academies if they become aware of anyone who lives in the household, or visits, has previously been disqualified from working with children.
  • Share immediately with Head Office and the student’s school if any safeguarding concerns are experienced. The Learning Academies Designated Safeguarding Leads are shared on the Learning Academies website at https://learningacademies.co.uk/safeguarding/.