My child lacks confidence in Maths and/or English. Can you help?


Yes, for sure! As you will see from our ‘Meet the Team’ page – we have an incredible team of tutors – all of whom genuinely have the ability to nurture and encourage their students. We work hard to encourage our students to become assertive learners, confident in their abilities and willing to take risks with their learning. The beauty of the iAchieve maths & English tuition programme is that we are able to plan and work individually with your child – this means we have the perfect opportunity to ‘go back’ and revisit areas that they might have found difficult or simply not understood. Our students work in small groups (maximum group size of 6) but each child within that group will follow their own areas of study so there is no pressure to ‘keep up with others’ – instead the children are encouraged to set their own personal goals and to work to achieve these. The iAchieve Extra Tuition Programme celebrates success and your child will soon be bringing home certificates of achievement, positive postcards home and working towards their own challenge medals. Whatever your child’s needs we will be determined to help.

Please do call to talk through your child’s needs, the more we know about our new students the better.