How am I able to review and update the information that Learning Academies holds on me?


At Learning Academies we do not hold any of your personal details on our website.

The information you supply on the Booking Form is sent to Head Office and the Education Director with whom you are entering a tuition partnership. It is sent in a password protected Excel file, with only your details included. As such, there is no ‘log on’ account on which you can amend or update data.

We maintain an ‘open door’ policy and encourage all customers to contact us at anytime if any of the information provided requires updating. In addition, on a regular basis, the administrative team at Learning Academies will remind you of the importance of updating key details (E.g. if your address or emergency contact details have changed).  Similarly, if we notice in the course of our daily operations that any element of your personal details are inaccurate (e.g. if a phone number fails to work) then we will make contact to ensure this is updated.

If you would like to check the details held on you, please contact at anytime and we will provide you with an update.

If you have questions about how to review, update (or deletion) of your personal information, we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy, accessed at the bottom of this website.