How will Learning Academies keep my data safe?


At Learning Academies we take the safe collection and handling of your data very seriously.

We have many safeguards in place to prevent personal information about you, and your family, from being lost and to prevent cyber-attacks, phishing, or other malicious activity.

Secure Booking Form
Data provided by customers via the iAchieve Booking Form is not stored, at anytime, on our website. It is sent, automatically, upon completion to Head Office and the relevant Education Director in a secure, password protected, Excel File.

Receiving Email Accounts

The email account to which your data is sent is secure. It is password protected and, in addition, the hardware used to access the email is also password protected. No data is stored on memory sticks.

System backups
We use the latest technology to provide reliable access to your data and have processes to back up all data on a regular basis. All Learning Academies Back Up systems are secure.

Accidental deletions
Our secure time capsule backups are designed to enable us to retrieve any key details that may have been accidentally deleted.

Payment information
All payments at Learning Academies are processed via Go Cardless and/or Eventbrite – both of which organisations have been specifically selected for their excellent security and data handling processes. For further information relating to payments, please see the relevant section under your preferred tuition programme.

Needs only basis

We only share your data with those who need it and only with those organisations and individuals we fully trust and, without whom, we would be unable to provide you with an effective service.