What if I find I can’t pay my fees?


The majority of our customers opt to pay their fees by Direct Debit using our secure collecting service, Go Cardless. You will be notified by Go Cardless in advance of each Direct Debit payment leaving your account so full control over your payments stays with you. If Go Cardless are unable to collect your agreed fees they will notify you, as the customer and us as the service provider. We will make contact with you and can action a ‘retry’ if you would like us to try again.

Learning Academies is committed to working in partnerships with our families and we ask that, should you experience difficulties in paying your child’s fees, that you contact us to arrange a mutually agreeable payment schedule. We do not allow accounts to fall more than 2 payments (2 months) behind, unless by prior arrangement. So, please do contact us if you are experiencing difficulties. We’ll do our very best to work with you.

You can contact our Finance Manager, Laura Ballard on 0845 463 1342 or by email to info@learningacademies.co.uk