I’d like my child to take the 11+. What support can you give us?


The iAchieve 11+ Programme has been developed to maximise your child’s chance of exam success. We offer a highly effective tuition programme that builds upon your child’s existing strengths and offers targeted tuition in the areas identified for development. Participation in the iAchieve 11+ Programme is not only a great foundation for success in selective examinations but is also an effective preparation for SATs and transition to Secondary School.

Each student follows their own unique programme of study which will combine specific 11+ tutoring with the opportunity to apply skills to 11+ practice papers. 11+ Tuition is offered in the areas identified for extension. This may include; maths, English, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, writing composition, reading comprehension, punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Your child will also be able to opt onto our popular Mock Exam Days. These are provided once a month in the summer term proceeding the 11+. iAchieve Mock Exam Days provide a great opportunity for your child to work under test conditions in a new and unfamiliar environment.  This helps reduce ‘exam day nerves’ and will give you valuable feedback on your child’s progress. The papers delivered on each Mock Exam Day are written specifically for iAchieve and will not have been previously published prior to Mock Day.

In Year 5 we strongly recommend that students study for 2 hours a week. This enables Session One to focus on exam preparation using conventional, paper-based practice papers whilst Session Two will continue to focus on the delivery of specific tutoring in the areas identified for development and extension.