What pass rate do you have for 11+ success?


At Learning Academies we have a reliable (96%) pass rate prediction, meaning that we are able to offer you, as parents, a highly reliable indicator of your child’s likelihood of exam success. Not all students who pass the 11+ go on to be offered a place at the school of their choice and, whilst we can give you a very good indication of this, the exact score required to secure a place at a selective school varies from year to year and from school to school.

Many of our students take the 11+ ‘for the experience’ and enter the exam in order to ‘test their skills’ and experience the challenge of an external exam – without a clear certainty of success. We have a fully inclusive policy at Learning Academies and, for us, the main criteria for a child to sit the 11+ should be their desire to do so. We do not deter children from taking on the 11+ just because they may not pass. When this is the case we are always honest and open about that and, in all cases, and will always ensure that the tuition undertaken will never be wasted. iAchieve 11+ tutoring provides a first rate platform for the selective entrance examinations but is also highly beneficial for SATs preparation and a successful transition to secondary school. We advise all parents to be wary of exaggerated ‘pass rate claims’ as this really does depend on the cohort of children undertaking the test itself. We are confident that iAchieve 11+ will exceed your expectations and will prove a to be a great opportunity for your child.