What information does Learning Academies collect about me and my family on the iAchieve Programme?


At Learning Academies we collect only the information required to deliver a first class, safe and effective tutoring service.

For our iAchieve Extra Tuition Programme your personal  information is collected via our secure booking form. This is completed by you at the time of booking and includes the following information:

The Enrolment Form confirms:

Your full name This is essential for setting you up as a customer on our database and book keeping software.
Your address We ask for this in case of emergencies and so that we can contact you, by post, in regards to the tuition you are purchasing.
Confirmation of your child’s address This is important as some customers are booking on behalf of grandchildren etc. We will use the child’s address in the case of emergencies etc.
Your relationship to the child This enables us to communicate effectively to you and ensure we have the correct details in regards to the child’s parent/carer.
Your email address We will use this to confirm your booking and to communicate with you in regards to the on-going delivery of the tuition service you are purchasing.
Preferred landline phone number This information enables us to contact you in a timely manner in regards to the tuition purchased. (E.g. if the student is taken ill).
Preferred mobile phone number This information enables us to contact you in a timely manner in regards to the tuition purchased. (E.g. if the student is taken ill).
Child’s full name  This enables us to identify your child and to register them for specific, individualised learning subscriptions to enhance and accelerate their progress.  Your child’s name is used to deliver the programme effectively (e.g. with Centre Registers etc).
Child’s gender  This is relevant in so far as it enables us to communicate with the correct personal pronouns in relation to your child.
Child’s date of birth  This is relevant when planning targets for your child’s tuition. It enables us to use age specific assessment tools to support your child.
Child’s current school  This information is used so that we can provide a Teacher Feedback Form for all iAchieve students. This is addressed to your child’s class teacher and enables their school (where appropriate) to share assessment goals. Where this opportunity is utilised by our customers we find that progress is accelerated.
Child’s current Year Group.  This enables us to group students, broadly, by age. It is invaluable information in relation to setting and securing year group appropriate targets. It also enables us to be aware of the student’s ‘educational life cycle’ and to support effectively at times of transition.
Key Area of Focus  This tell us the area you would like our tutors to focus on for the purpose of their tuition. We are then able to plan effectively.
Medical Information  This information enables us to ensure a safe working environment for your child.
Additional Emergency Contact Details  We ask for an additional emergency contact so that we are able to contact a key carer/parent in the event of an emergency. We will always try and contact the primary customer first.
Photo Permission  This provides you with a chance to agree or disagree to your child’s images being used in promotional/marketing materials including social media.

We also collect some information about users who visit our websites using cookies and similar technologies. See the Privacy Statement for the particular website(s) or service(s) you are using for more details about the specific types of information Learning Academies may collect and your choices in relation to that data.